by Michael Drumm

Unlike this example, an Homage Films interview is a carefully crafted, well thought out controlled exercise! We will get that perfect narrative content to make your movie great. In making a great family video, one of my passions is to take my extensive background in interviewing celebrities and non celebrities alike and use that to create the perfect questions, to elicit the perfect answers! What is the perfect answer? Easy – whatever is real and heartfelt that supports the direction the movies narrative is designed to head in. So it really is about the question, the nuances within it, and the sympathetic guidance of the interviewer to help get that great sound bite that fits so well into the final piece. I have seen where interviews are passed off in some production situations to a more junior person. Many times, the potential of that interview is left unrealized in this situation. With Homage Films productions,, this is always one of the most important areas I can contribute something special in – and I will!

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