What is possible? The product of your imagination and budget.

Each project will have its own unique mix of production ingredients. From a one-day shoot to an in-depth documentary production, Michael’s large inventory of skill set runs the gamut from high gloss film-style set ups to run & gun multi-camera documentary coverage, to major TV style artistically lit sit down interviews, to large multi camera switched live event direction, to the world of audio, and producing multiple Grammy™ nominated Comedy CDs! To complete each package, custom moving title sequences and environments can be produced to help brand and define the film’s subject.

Your content is key.

Other important components include scanned photographs, home movies, etc. Music, either popular, “needle-drop” stock or specially commissioned music can be utilized. Legally, all popular music needs to be licensed from its publisher for a fee. If your video is for private viewing only, with no public, Internet, TV or mass duplication /distribution, it is probably okay to use whatever music you want. However if it has a more public usage (can be seen on the internet, etc) we recommend stock music, which is extremely cost-effective to use. Licensing costs for popular music is usually expensive and time consuming.  Specially commissioned music prices have ranges of cost, usually all cheaper than licensing popular music.

It starts with an email, then a phone call, or better yet a skype videoconference.

An initial meeting will be scheduled to discuss narrative story options, and review aesthetic goals and funding parameters for the project.  Based on that discussion, a variety of budget options will be presented.  Once a goal and budget is settled upon, a contract for services will be executed between the parties. Payment schedules will be established in sync with the production schedule to provide cash flow for the process. Final payments will be tied to delivery of the accepted content. With Michael’s long, successful, published history, you can count on the budgeting and execution to be smart and accurate.

Once finished, a variety of delivery and viewing options exist. From creating a custom web site and a Facebook Page, to custom DVD duplication and more.