by Michael Drumm

The contributions of the elder generation are SO significant. There are so many stories of accomplishment, sacrifice, heroism, and a lifetime devotion to family. We are who we come from – our families are our core. Our ancestry deserves to be elevated to a position of honor. An in depth exploration of a family legacy, as is our specialty, creates the kind of everlasting document that was not possible for previous generations. So many stories were just passed down by word of mouth. Haphazard to say the least. Now with video technology so ubiquitous, when put in the hands of the experienced filmmaker, a powerful family legacy movie can be created, and through digital technology, permanently preserved for generations to come. And not just a slide show – but an evocative movie, with pacing, and emotional triggers that captivate all who experience it.


 For me, the exploration of a family legacy story is always an intriguing process. The initial meetings where I ask the kind of questions of family members that can open up the floodgates of memories and emotions is at the core of the passion I have for this art form. Building the narrative from those sessions, in conjunction with the family, and then executing the process of developing the content (interviews, photo and video archives, creating new footage, etc.) is the journey. The final edit, crafted in full collaboration with the family, is the payoff. You see, taking the truth of a legacy, and putting it front and center in an entertaining and compelling fashion for today’s and future generations is our mission.


by Michael Drumm

Go deep into your families history

Ethel-family documentary

A great family movie transcends the normal limitations of “sharing” about ones family. It can create a strong emotional impact that can touch even those who don’t know the family. There is a lot that goes into that equation.

 Recently, HBO ran the documentary “Ethel” the piece on Ethel Kennedy, done by her daughter Rory. Regardless of politics, this piece is very well done.Through the interviews in the piece, a powerful narrative is carried. The large amount of archival materials available also makes it historically rich. 

  A strong prototype for us to strive for here at Homage Films.  Family ancestry deserves to be documented in a special way. Web sites like are showing the wave of interest that exists from families in exploring their family and documenting family roots.  When we take on a family project, we can elevate that story into a powerful historical document worthy of the family name.